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Rodney Harris

Rodney Harris is Deputy Head (Academic) at Westminster School, where for the past seven years he has been responsible for the curriculum, teaching and learning as well as guidance and university applications. A series of whole school and departmental pedagogical initiatives over the last three years have been launched, including the PISA based tests for schools and a project on pupil voice. He has also been a housemaster at Westminster opening a new boarding house as well as being Head of Geography, and is currently leading on the School’s project to open six K12 schools in China over the next ten years and serves as representative for Europe on Cambridge Assessment International Education’s Advisory Board.

Title of Session: Curriculum Designing for Gen Z

From the baby boom generation post World War 2 to millennials and now to Gen  Z. Does curriculum need to adapt, and if so how? The literature and debate on a knowledge based curriculum versus a skills based curriculum is extensive, but in reflecting on the Westminster School curriculum development, the case is made for incremental change with knowledge always as the cornerstone. The challenge lies in constantly refining pedagogy to develop the skills that the pupils will need for their futures.

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