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Kids Raising Hands In Classroom

About the Summit

Positive  Education  is the  incorporation  of  the  science  of  positive psychology  into  the  life  and  work  of  schools (Seligman,  Ernst,  Gilham,  Reivich  & Linkins,  2009). It is aimed first at benefitting teachers personally and schools, in working towards transformational teaching and learning.  Positive Education inevitably works to create a school culture that supports caring, trusting relationships that distinguish excellent schools from their mediocre peers. 

The 21st Century Competencies call for schools to place greater emphasis on imparting both “traditional skills” and teaching “well-being”. They also call for students to develop greater insights of the “self” as an agent for change and knowledge creation.  Schools that embark on the journey of positive education are more likely to be able to develop the future-ready child we want in a time of change and volatility.

The Positive Education Summit, to be held on a biennial basis, aims to provide strategies for schools in introducing and integrating Positive Education in Schools. It provides an in-depth exploration of the science of well-being through a two-day virtual conference. The focus is on transformation through teaching practical skills, and reinforcing the significant and lasting impact that positive psychology has on well-being and learning.


Through the conference, participants will gain valuable insights into the science of Positive Psychology and concepts of Positive Education and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to integrate Positive Education principles into their school or organisation.

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