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Since its launch in July 2018, Singapore Positive Education Network (SPEN) has been looking to organizing a conference to bring together practitioners, researchers and the community who firmly believe that well-being and the pursuit of excellence at work and in school go hand-in-hand. We are pleased that we have this opportunity to partner Principals Academy to launch the inaugural Positive Education Summit. We are especially grateful to have the support of international stalwarts in Positive Education share their thoughts and experiences with us and thank the many practitioners who will be on the panels to tell us how they have enhanced students and staff well-being and mental health amid the challenges of the pandemic and disruptive technology.


SPEN is closely associated with the International Positive Education Network, a ground-up movement which has Prof Martin Seligman as Emeritus President and Sir Anthony Seldon as President. I’d like to thank Sir Anthony for graciously recording his words of support for SPEN and this inaugural summit. Together with IPEN, we affirm our belief in a world where wellbeing character and resilience education are core elements of the global education ecosystem.

Dr Lim Lai Cheng

Chairman, Singapore Positive Education Network

Lim lai cheng.jpg


Lim Lai Cheng is Chairman of the Singapore Positive Education Network. She spearheaded an Academy for professional and continuing education for working adults at the Singapore Management University (SMU) in the last five years. She has extensive experience in the Singapore Education System having been principal of Raffles Institution, Temasek Junior College and Commonwealth Secondary School. She held key positions in corporate communications, curriculum planning and policy development and have been involved in several nation-wide reviews on education in Singapore. Lai Cheng holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and Masters in Art from Cambridge University (UK), a Masters in Education from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) in Language Education and a doctorate in Education from University College London. Lai Cheng is a steering committee member of the International Positive Education Network and an advisor to several educaton foundations abroad.

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