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As a management consultant, Jingkai works with global client leaders to shape strategy and deliver solutions at the intersection of business and technology. His work includes designing and transforming the future workforce of organisations to meet their strategic needs.

Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology programme ten years ago, Jingkai has been actively implementing Positive Psychology initiatives at the organisational level within the workplace.

He also seeks to advance the agenda of human empowerment and flourishing by serving as an adjunct lecturer at The School of Positive Psychology. In addition, he serves on East Spring Primary School's Advisory Committee where he is helping to steer the school in its ambition to embed Positive Education approaches.


Jingkai also serves as a military psychologist during national reservist and strives to offer practitioner perspectives to support the enhancement of systems and programmes.


As a father of two, Jingkai implements positive parenting principles to the best of his ability.

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