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Yeo Sha-En

Sha-En is the first Singaporean graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology programme at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been featured on the TV documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’, appeared in MyPaper, and radio. Sha-En has more than ten years of experience in the education sector, having first been a teacher and then a guidance officer in the Ministry of Education. As founder of Positive Education, she has championed the need for well-being as a priority in schools, supporting teachers and parents with the tools and research from the field of Positive Psychology. To that end, she has trained more than 5000 teachers and parents, across 70 schools in Singapore. Her vision is to see the next generation thrive amidst flourishing school communities.

Title of Session: Fostering Strong Relationships in Schools

Strong relationships have been found to be a huge contributor to wellbeing. In the school setting, this could not be more true. When teachers have a positive relationship with students, it results in greater engagement in the classroom, deeper sense of belonging and greater wellbeing. When this extends beyond the classroom, to relationships between colleagues, with parents and the wider community, a foundation is created for the school to flourish. In this session, Shaen will share research and strategies to foster stronger relationships between teachers & students, and cultivate a wider culture of care in schools.

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