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Swapna Gottipati

Dr Swapna Gottipati is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Education) at the School of Information Systems, SMU. Her research interests include text analytics, natural language processing, information extraction, opinion mining, machine learning and social networking. Her main focus is to enhance data mining models while she applies her research findings to software, education, security and mobile applications. Prior to joining SMU, she worked as a consultant for banking, financial, health and mobile projects, where she designed, developed and supported various software systems.

Title of Session: Transformative Teaching & Learning through the Use of Digital Technologies

This session focuses on the impressive transformation which has taken place in the paradigm shift of education in recent years, owing to the use of technology. We have been moving towards an education system that is more flexible and diverse. The aim is to make learning more student centric by providing students with greater choice to meet their different interests and ways of learning. Our students today are digital natives while most of their teachers are digital immigrants. Bridging the gap between these two key stakeholders in the realm of education is a key challenge we currently face. New and emerging technologies are provoking a re-conceptualisation of teaching and learning, while also serving as catalysts for transformation and innovation. In this session, we will explore innovative and transformative ways of incorporating digital technologies in the teaching and learning process and discuss related implementation strategies and the associated challenges. In particular, we will share some examples of innovative solutions implemented for teaching information systems related courses.

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