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Samuel Cammis

Samuel is Director of the Deloitte Southeast Asia Innovation Team, an innovation unit that accelerates new products and services, builds new capabilities, and enables open innovation for Deloitte and our clients. His experience spans the strategies and tactics of new business ventures and organisational transformation - seeking balance between innovation, risk, and sustainability. In the field of innovation, Sammuel works on digital transformation, focussing on cognitive technologies and analytics, seeding and enabling innovation cultures through new skills and relationships and gearing new ventures and new collaborations for growth and resilience. His current projects are centered on technology foresight, open innovation, and risk management. 

Title of Session: Educational Innovation through Design Thinking & Data Analytics

Analytics in combination with design thinking can be revolutionary by virtue of the value it creates for education institutions. Design thinking puts users and their needs at the center of applications and at the starting point for developing any new programme or solution. By embedding analytics into design thinking, education institutions can unlock new opportunities, build empathy for stakeholders and pave the way to exceptional experiences. In this session, learn how modern data intelligence can help provide a more personal and human design experience. Samuel will show how to use data in creative problem-solving: to generate ideas, create better designs, and connect with users in meaningful ways. He tackles data generated by computers as well as that gathered through interviews and other means. He shows how to collect, analyse, and visualise the information to help solve your challenges, leveraging intelligent tools and agile processes such as rapid prototyping.

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