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Mr Nick Chan is currently Principal of School of Science of Technology, Singapore. An engineer and a physics teacher by training, he has been in the education service for the past 17 years and has served as Principal of Northbrooks Secondary School from 2016-2021. Together with the Northbrooks PosEd Team then and partnering with a number of PosEd experts-in-the field, they have worked on various staff and student projects and programmes to enhance the school’s well-being and workplace well-being for the community to be resilient, flourish and thrive. Prior to that, he had served in varying capacities in the National Junior College. He is currently serving as one of the Lead Excos in the Singapore Positive Education Network (SPEN)’s Core Educators Group to promote well-being in Singapore schools and in particular, he is keen in advocating workplace well-being and mental health.

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