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Having joined the Singapore’s education service since July 1995, Yeow Ling started his professional career as a teacher and was thereafter posted to the Ministry of Education from 1998-2003. During the period, Yeow Ling was involved with policy planning work and served as an educational psychologist with the then Psychological and Guidance Services, upon completing his postgraduate training in Educational Psychology from University College London. 

Yeow Ling was the founding Principal of Westwood Primary School (2013-2020), a school premised on Positive Education (PosEd) as the undergirding school philosophy. PosEd is aligned with holistic education and balances a focus on achievement with a focus on well-being and resilience. The school’s learning-teaching practices, curriculum and school culture take reference from PosEd, with school-wide practices aimed at nurturing positive relationships, fostering mindfulness, cultivating a growth mindset, and promoting a deeper understanding of one’s character strengths in self and others. Prior to starting Westwood Primary, Yeow Ling headed North View Primary and was Vice-Principal of Millennia Institute.  

Since 2021, Yeow Ling joined Yu Neng Primary School as its 9th Principal and continues his passion in working with his staff to pursue wellbeing and wholeness in all they do in school.  Yeow Ling is also currently serving in various Youth Mental Well-being Network project teams, in addition to being a key member of the Singapore Positive Education Network community.  He is married with two sons, who are now in their twenties. 


As an educator, parent, and PosEd advocate, Yeow Ling believes that we can harness, engage and influence families and schools to reinforce positive education by providing them with well-being resources, to nurture flourishing, self-directed learners of the next generation, who are active citizens, compassionate leaders and positive persons.  In his words, “PosEd is not a thing or a curriculum. It is something we all must live and breathe, and work into our lives, and transmit to those around us. The whole community is needed to build the environment for a child to thrive.”

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