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Learning Journey on 27 July 2018 Friday

Hwa Chong Institution

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) is Singapore's premier independent school, with a rich history of 99 years.  The Institution is the culmination of the watershed merger in 2005 between the former Chinese High School (founded 1919) and Hwa Chong Junior College (founded 1974).


For achieving world-class standards of excellence in education, HCI is the first GCE A-Level Integrated Programme School to be conferred the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in 2010 and the SQA with Special Commendation in 2016.  The Institution was featured as one of the world's most innovative schools in 2009 by the South China Morning Post — Hong Kong's premier English daily.  Nature, the world’s most-cited scientific journal, also showcased HCI as having one of the “most innovative science-education programmes” globally on 16 July 2015.


Drawing from the best of the East and West, Hwa Chong provides a broad-based six-year Integrated Programme (IP) that caters to the needs of the top 5% of students from Singapore and the region. 


As a trailblazer in education, Hwa Chong is the first and only independent school to set up a Beijing Satellite Campus and pioneer the FutureSchools@Singapore initiative.   

National Institute of Education

The National Institute of Education (NIE) is among the world’s top education institutes, renowned for its excellence in teacher education and educational research. Founded in 1950, NIE has played a key and pivotal role in shaping and developing Singapore’s teaching workforce.

In this learning journey, the participants will be introduced to NIE’s teacher education model and programmes that prepare teachers with the requisite values, skills and knowledge to meet the demands of 21st century learners and classrooms. The session will also outline NIE’s research philosophy and efforts to produce high-quality research that can impact policy and practice. The learning journey will be culminated by a visit to the NIE Visitor’s Learning Centre, where participants can explore the teacher development story of the Institute at their own pace.

River Valley High School

Founded in 1956, River Valley High School (RVHS) is a forward-looking educational institution steeped in Chinese culture and values. Over more than 60 years, RVHS has nurtured generations of Singaporeans who serve and lead in the community and nation.

RVHS has always been a trailblazer in the education landscape. Apart from being among the first batch of schools that were designated as Special Assistance Plan (SAP) institutions in 1979, the school was also awarded the Autonomous status in 1994 and launched the Integrated Programme in 2006. RVHS continues to excel each year with outstanding students gaining national and international recognition


Balanced education curriculum


RVHS recognises the importance of a holistic education. In order for one to achieve his full potential and be a leader who contributes to both his family and society, he must not only be strong academically, but must also be guided by the right moral values and have a healthy body and mind.


Thus, RVHS designed and put in place the Balanced Education Curriculum to equip students with knowledge and skills; inculcate the right ethics and moral values; build students’ leadership capabilities; and strengthen students physically.


The Balanced Education Curriculum consists of three domains of development:

  1. Cognitive-Interest Development

  2. Leadership Character Development

  3. Civic Literacy-Global Awareness Development

Westwood Primary School

Westwood Primary was founded in 2013, premised on the core philosophy of Positive Education. Our overarching goal is for our staff and pupils to strive for both excellence and wellbeing, and for our school community to thrive and flourish. Learning is delivered with positive engagement so as to invite every pupil on a journey of discovery and holistic development. Discipline is promoted in a respectful way to engender self-reflection and growth. By emphasising positive motivation and affirmative attitudes, we nurture an awareness of greatness and potential in each and every staff and pupil, as they set personalised goals and ultimately demonstrate creative expression, problem-solving, and meaningful achievement.

In keeping with the philosophy of Positive Education, Westwood Primary's Staff Belief is that Every One is a Talented and Unique Individual with Potential for Success. Our Westwood School Culture is one of care, love and drive, and we aspire in going the extra mile in everything we do. To enable all staff and pupils to believe that he or she can be an agent of change, with opportunities to use his or her talents and skills to benefit others, our positive school culture is grounded in our core values of A Heart of Gratitude, A Resilient Mindset, A Passion for Community and A Future-Ready Confidence.

A THRIVE Framework for Positive Education has been developed to ensure that school policies, practices and programmes are aligned to the six key domains of positive accomplishment (Thinking mindfully); positive health (Healthy coping); positive relationship (Relating well); positive engagement (In the moment); positive meaning (Values-driven actions); and positive emotions (Emotions of positivity). To this end, we actively partner parents and the wider community, seeking opportunities to contribute to community life, while living out the message of positivity, hope and well-being.

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