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Imelda Santos Caleon

Dr Imelda S Caleon is one of the pioneering researchers in positive education in Singapore. Her main research interests lie in the nexus of positive psychology and school learning and teaching, particularly in the domain of science education and in areas concerning at-risk students. She has led multiple projects examining the factors, conditions, tools and processes that facilitate the development of students’ resilience, positive emotions, relationships, and motivation. Dr Caleon was the lead author of several research papers focusing on these areas. She has been working closely with several schools as a research collaborator or consultant, to develop and implement positive psychology intervention activities tailored for diverse groups of learners. She has also conducted a number of workshops and presentations on positive psychology and positive education locally, as well as internationally.

Title of Session: Bouncing Back from Negativity:  Cultivating Resilience and Wellbeing in Singapore Schools


Resilience and wellbeing are foundational constructs in positive education. This two-part presentation elucidates the centrality of resilience and wellbeing in the field of positive psychology and its emerging applied sub-field, positive education, and traces the history of the work on this area before it zooms in on the key factors, tools and conditions that cultivate them in school settings. The first presentation highlights key findings drawn from a three-wave longitudinal study on academic resilience involving a large group of lower achieving students. The second presentation details the implementation and evaluation of intervention study aimed at cultivating school resilience and wellbeing through gratitude activities. Drawing from robust exploratory and experimental data obtained through surveys and interviews, insights and recommendations will be presented to guide educators, parents, policy makers and researchers to foster resilience, and positive emotions, disposition and experiences in schools.

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