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Hatim Eltayeb

Hatim was among the first faculty members of African Leadership Academy. From 2009-2012, he taught primarily in the African Studies department. He also Chaired the Seminal Readings Committee, shaping the curriculum for a unique Socratic course at the heart of the Academy. As a Hallmaster in the student residence, he gained an appreciation of the unique learning opportunities in a boarding school environment. In 2011, he was named ALA “Teacher of the Year”. As Dean of the Academy, Hatim leads the flagship programme and works with teachers and students to help shape a campus community and teams with innovation that leverages its exceptional cultural diversity.

Hatim is graduate of Harvard University, where he completed a B.A. in Government with a secondary concentration in Political and Moral Philosophy.

Title of Session: BUILD – an Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Framework

At African Leadership Academy, Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) is a required 2-year sequence for all students. The intended outcome of EL is not for every student to become an entrepreneur, per se. Rather, the aspiration is to equip all graduates with the tools and habits of mind to address challenges and opportunities, in every field, entrepreneurially. At the core of EL is BUILD: a design-thinking framework. Students (and adults) use the steps of BUILD (Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen and Deliver) to identify needs, collect feedback and iterate solutions. In this break-out workshop, participants will have an opportunity to interact with the BUILD framework, examine student work and hear from students and alumni about their Entrepreneurial Leadership development journey.

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